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For the Experienced Author



1 AmazonA 24 page digital guide with detailed instructions on how to reach the #1 rank on Amazon.

Included are 160 live links to websites where you can post ads and notices of your Kindle free days and 63 Twitter sites.

The author, using the plan described in this guide, reached # 1 in Amazon's 'Cozy Mystery' and 'Humor' categories 3 times within the past six months and reached # 2 in Amazon's 'Top 100.'






For Both the Experienced and Novice Authors

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Representing hundreds of hours over a five year period,

the author has compiled the e-mail addresses listed below.

They are all on .csv files that may be instantly uploaded into mass mail programs such as Vertical Response and Constant Contact.

Included on the flash drive:


A 34 page marketing guide with step by step  instructions on how to use:

.csv file containing the email addresses of over 920 independent  bookstores

.csv file containing the email addresses of 500 newspapers across the  country

.csv file  containing the email addresses of 150  literary agents

.csv file containing the email addresses of over 2,900 Goodreads  subscribers

.csv file containing the email addresses of over 4,500 live journal  bloggers

.csv file containing the email addresses of over 10,000 Amazon - Kindle  customers

.csv file containing the email addresses of over 3,000 Barnes & Noble  customers

Live links to 30  Social Media and Author Support websites

Live links to 27 Service Providers (editing, formatting,  etc.)

Live links to 19 websites to obtain book  reviews

Live links to 10  websites that host book contests

Live links to 12  sites where you may submit articles

Live links to 22 websites where you may post press  releases



For New Authors

Author's Marketing Guidejpg copy CRPA detailed digital guide, complete with live links covering the following topics:

Polishing Your Product (30 Links)

Author Websites (13 Links)

Organizations for Authors (9 Links)

Where to get Book Reviews (42 Links)

Where to Post Press Releases (26 Links)

Where to Post Articles (12 Links)

Where to Enter Book Contests (15 Links)

Websites for Authors  (15 Links)

Social Media (6 Links)

How to Produce Videos for Book Marketing (6 Links)

Mass E-Mail Service (To send to the .csv files above) (8 Links)

Personal Appearances (3 Links)

Where to get interviewed on Radio Talk Shows (7 Links)




For New Authors

Tears_And_Triumphs_O_Cover_for_Kindle 2

In the 260 page paperback, Tears and  Triumphs of a New Author,

award-winning author, Robert Thornhill, tells his  story

from the moment he sat down at the computer at the age  of 66,

having never written for publication and having never  learned to type,

through the writing, publication and marketing of 28  books.

Learn how novels in his Lady Justice mystery/comedy  series went from obscurity to

#1 in Amazon's "Cozy Mystery" & "Humor" categories  and #2 in Amazon's "Top 100."

Not a novel, but a reproduction of the author's journal detailing his experience in the publishing & marketing world.

The author shares the good, the bad and the ugly.

By reading his story, an author can save hours of research

and thousands of dollars.


"I recommend Tears and Triumphs of a New Author

for every aspiring author.

As an author myself, I fully related wholeheartedly to Robert Thornhill's

 struggle to get published.

No easy task as I can testify, yet certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

You will learn all the aspects of getting published

and understand the pitfalls and the victories.

A truly wonderful read uniting all writers as kindred spirits.

Bravo to Robert Thornhill."

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