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Lady Justice and the Class Reunion


Gail Demaree
Mr. Thornhill has done it again with his 12th book Lady Justice and the Class Reunion. Walt and his gang are at it again. Everywhere Walt goes trouble follows him. I love how Maggie roped him into helping with his 50th class reunion. I would have loved to have seen pics of those pumpkins. I still need to watch the video that is mentioned at the back of the book. I love the pics that were included in the book. The Three Amigos were an added bonus in the book. The book is a fast paced read with lots of twists and turns. Look out Stephanie Plum I think Walt and his gang are going to give you a run for the money. I think I enjoy Walt and his gang more than I do the Stephanie Plum series. Can't wait for the next book in the series. Thanks again Mr. Thornhill for such an awesome series!

Christina Jones
  Drop a pebble in the water: just a splash and it is gone;
But there's half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on.

These are words found in James Foley's famous poem, "Drop a Pebble", and part of which is repeated at the conclusion of Robert Thornhill's 12th novel of the Walt Williams Mystery/Crime series, Lady Justice and the Class Reunion. Thornhill masterly interweaves Walt's job as a civilian policeman with the KCPD and his 50 year high school class reunion into a tale which includes three seniors who are friends now residing in a senior living center who come into dangerous information about a Mexican drug cartel which has set up shop in KC; the problem of student bullying and a resultant weapons incident at Walt's Alma Mater; and the stalking and a subsequent shooting of a person at the local dinner/theater involving two former classmates...all told with exciting chases and moments of Thornhill's humor. Even Elvis makes a reappearance in solving one of the cases. When the dust settles and the bad guys have been eliminated, Walt's lesson from Pastor Bob is that we all makes splashes in the water with decisions we make in our lives, and that these splashes create ripples effecting others and their subsequent decisions, and on and on. It is good when these ripples, even if they are personally painful, help Lady Justice restore balance to our world. I found this book to have just the right balance of action, topical subject matter, and humor!

Sheri rated it 5 of 5 stars false
Lady Justice and the Class Reunion (Robert Thornhill)

A Priest hears a confession regarding drug smugglers. The drug cartel is using young women to smuggle drugs, and how they do it can cause death of the young drug runners. Wanting to help these people get caught, yet wanting to keep his vows as a Priest. The Padre and two of his friends decide to put out some hints in the hopes the police will figure it out. Walt and gang are hot on the case. Will they get to catch the criminals before more young women turn up missing and dead?

Add to this it is Walt's 50th High School Reunion, and he is nominated to lead the decoration committee and to locate school alumni. The plot thickens as a man ends up dead and it appears one of his classmates could be the main suspect.

Filled with Laugh out Loud moments, all the lovable characters are back and put in some hilarious situations. A fast paced fun read that will leave a smile on your face making you want more of Walt & Gang.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read, Absolutely Loved It!!!, February 11, 2013
Lady Justice and the Class Reunion is another great addition to the Lady Justice series. Once again we follow Walt and Ox as they investigate a series of robberies at a local gym, track down a merciless drug lord who has taken residence in their town and catch a stalker who has been holding a torch for one of his fellow classmates.

As always, Walt finds himself in situations that you cannot imagine. In the latest installment, he takes on a bull, a drug lord and learns how to play Mario Kart with his longtime tenant Jerry. There is never a dull moment in Walt's world. This time he and Ox receive help from an unlikely trio who believe that it is their duty to bring down the drug dealer who is enticing young women to become drug mules. Without their help, the police department would have no leads and still be at square one in their investigation.

If you are a fan of the Lady Justice series, you will not be disappointed with the latest installment. All of the characters that we have come to love are back, Walt even convinces Mary to participate in an aerobics class! If you are new to the series, you will be drawn in by the well-written characters and all of the unbelievable antics that Walt gets into. This is a great series and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Robert Thornhill is my go to author for a mood elevation! This 12th book in the Lady Justice series has the same great blend of mystery, suspense and humor. The subject matter is current and thought provoking without being in your face. I love Walt and the gang!
Cynthia Harris
Black Lilac Kitty Literary Services
     This month is full of class reunions, however, one must wonder if their class reunion would turn out like the one award winning author Robert Thornhillwrote about in his book, Lady Justice and the Class Reunion.
     When a Priest hears a confession about the Mexican cartel using young Latino girls as drug mules he wants to help, but how without breaking his vows of priesthood.  The Priest and two of his friends from the Whispering Hills Retirement Village, put out some hints in hopes that someone in the police department will hear them and figure it out.
     That someone in the police department is Thornhill's main character, Walt Williams, who is a civilian police officer working with the Kansas City Police Department.  While investigating the Mexican drug cartel, Walt is also being reacquainted with old classmates at their 50th Class Reunion.  True to the Lady Justice series, wherever Walt goes, trouble follows.
     Thornhill has been dubbed "A Master of Hysterical Fiction" and he definitely has earned his title. So, join Walt in a class reunion filled with mystery, intrigue, jealousy and a belly-full of laughs!  You will not be disappointed.