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Lady Justice and the Lottery


C. M. Donaldson "aka Pearl Barley (pseudonym)" reviewed Lady Justice and the Lottery
Just the right amount of comedy and wit September 14, 2013
Two 'old codgers' help the police after their enormous lottery win, and highlight the skills of the 'older' Chief of Police Walt and his colleague Ox, while trying to put the money to good use. Unfortunately, as one would expect, someone wants to relieve them of their stash and will go to dangerous lengths to do it. There are repercussions one couldn't imagine and a roller coaster ride, dappled with humour. It was an interesting story, and there are more in the series which, to me, as an avid reader, is like a red rag to a bull. This type of read played out in my mind like a TV series - like Murder She Wrote but with male main characters all over the age of 60, which is unusual and welcome, definitely tongue-in-cheek with just the right amount of comedy and wit. The Star Trek angle must have required quite a bit of research, unless the author is a dyed-in-the-wool fanatic, and it was surprisingly informative too. I was hooked from the first page - it's got mystery and adventure - and I'm pleased to have discovered the Lady Justice series.

Sandy Penny "WritingMuse" reviewed Lady Justice and the Lottery
Geriatric Genius September 7, 2013
Lady Justice and the Lottery . A Walt WIlliams Mystery/Comedy Novel by Robert Thornhill

The gritty geezers return for another round of C.R.A.P. (City Retiree Action Patrol). This time two elderly lottery winners get caught up in plots to steal their money, and they only trust the old patrol to bail them out. Mix in an undercover sting at a Star Trek convention, and the hilarity continues. I love this silly series, and am very interested to see if it makes it to TV. I know I'd watch it, but I'm a geezer myself. There are plenty of eccentric characters with witty and sometimes groaning dialogue to make it fun to ride along with Walt and Ox. The wisdom and humor of the old timers keeps you entertained to the very sweet end.



Lady Justice and the Lottery (Robert Thornhill)

Robert Thornhill hits a home run in the 14th installment of the Lady Justice series. Two seniors win the big lottery and soon life as they know it is about to change. They want to use their new wealth for good, but (they) find themselves deep in trouble.

Walt Williams is on the case with his partner Ox and they must go undercover at a Star Trek event.
Laugh out loud moments along with danger and adventure on every page. Mystery and comedy lovers will enjoy Walt and gang in Lady Justice and the Lottery!


Gail D.(Koalabear3) reviewed Lady Justice and the Lottery (Volume 14)
Awesome Book! August 24, 2013
Mr. Thornhill has another hit on his hands. Walt and Ox get involved in some Star Trek Adventures and than also get involved with the two old dudes Morty and Earl who win the lottery. I agree with Earl why do they rate the programming for the 18 to 49 year olds. The young ones are the ones partying and us older folks are the ones that stay home and watch TV but there is nothing good on we like because they always take those shows off the air. Any way the book is full of twists and turns that have you guessing throughout the book. As always the book is full of humor. This is book #14 in the Lady Justice series so if you haven't read any of them start with #1 and work your way thru all of them because each book keeps getting better and better. I really do hope they make the Lady Justice series into a TV series or a movie. I would really love to see the characters come to life. Thanks Mr. Thornhill for another amazing book. Looking forward to the next adventure for Walt and the Gang...

Christina Jones
What do civil liberties and the lottery have to do with each other? Quite a bit when combined into a tightly woven story by Robert Thornhill, author of the Lady Justice series featuring Walt Williams, the oldest cop on the Kansas City police force.
When the winners give a gift of an air-borne drone to the police force and it then helps save the lives of one of them and Walt's wife, Maggie, the drone is hailed as an invaluable tool for crime fighting. However, when the drone is used to spy on a drug deal in an enclosed junkyard, the lawyer argues that without a proper court order for its use, it is an invasion of privacy, and the dealers go free. Is it a good tool, or a dangerous one?
At the same time, an area wide sweep nets many drug dealers, but also catches the innocent Mary Murphy, manager of Walt's Three Trails Hotel, just because she was taped while purchasing some hydroponic lights to grow tomatoes in her basement. In trying to make the city a safer place by clearing out the druggies, is it okay to have collateral damage such as the wrongful arrest of an innocent citizen?
Meanwhile, the two winners learn that there are lots of people trying to get them to part with their new-found wealth. Walt and his partner, Ox, work hard to save the winners from the bad guys, while still solving an assortment of other crimes in their usual unique way. In the end, Walt makes sure Lady Justice has the final say.
This is a great read for a rainy day...guaranteed to have you laughing. However, it's more than just a comedy. Thornhill makes some very good points about the problems facing lottery winners and the dilemma for crime-fighters when it comes to the right of civil liberties for all...even the bad guys.



Septuagenarian heroes, a Star Trek burglar, and that age-old question:

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?

Robert Thornhill's Lady Justice and the Lottery is the perfect blend of mystery and comedy. It's a heartwarming tale of the old having to live in a world for the young, with enough witty movie references to please every generation. This book will keep you guessing until the end, from what crazy case Walt and Ox will tackle next, to how Earl and Morty will spend their newfound millions, to how the two stories will intertwine.

Thornhill weaves a charming, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking tale to remind us that money doesn't buy happiness, and it can't bring back the past, but sometimes it just shows you who you truly are.
I am a fan of Robert Thornhill and an even bigger fan of Walt and the gang.

Lady Justice and the Lottery had Star Trek collectables stolen and recovered. An auction for Captain Kirk 's chair to benefit the children's hospital. Walt and Ox helped with security in full star trek costume and makeup. Pretty funny as usual.
There is also the two older men who won the lottery and the decisions that they have to make on how to spend the money but also blackmail and kidnapping because of greed.
Mention is made several times about making a movie or tv show about Walt and the gang. I would absolutely be interested in watching the Lady Justice series on tv!
Another fun read.

Gail Demaree
Another amazing book by Mr. Thornhill. This book is so funny. Walt and Ox are quite the pair. I might be the only one but I have never had any interest in Star Trek so I have no idea what a Klingon is. I wish a picture was included in the book.Even though I didn't really understand the stuff about Star Trek it was still funny. I did like the references to previous books in the series. I love Morty and Earl the two lottery winners. They are a couple of funny old dudes and how they got involved with Walt and the Gang. As always there were a lot of twists and turns in the book. Never a dull moment and very fast paced reading. I had a hard time putting the book down because I had to find out what would happen next. I really do hope they make the Lady Justice series into a TV series or else a movie. Looking forward to the next adventure of Walt and the Gang. Thanks Mr. Thornhill for such an awesome series!

Must Read September 22, 2013
Love these books! I've been a fan of Walt and his crew since the first book and have enjoyed following their adventures with each new book. This is the best one yet!

chad bergeson reviewed Lady Justice and the Lottery
Another great book from this series! September 16, 2013
It is entertaining and has parts that make you laugh out loud which is kind of unique for what would be considered a mystery novel.


Allison kohn "story teller" reviewed Lady Justice and the Lottery (Volume 14)
A pleasurable read September 1, 2013
I don't know what to say about this book - it's funny, it's serious, it's exciting, it's informative. It is written so I felt like I knew the characters and empathized with some of their situations, and wanted to give them advise about others. As the old cop lives, I learn, and as he acts, I applaud. some of the things Robert says in this book, I want to copy to my wall on Facebook for everyone to see, it's so good. I think I'm going to feel about these books the way I did about Grace Livingston Hill's books - I have cases full of them and read them over and over. Not that Robert Thornhill's books are anything like Grace's; but they both have that effect on me.


C. Toste "Buecher wurm" reviewed Lady Justice and the Lottery
Loved it! August 29, 2013
I got this book as a free download and I loved it. Another great installment of the Lady Justice series. It has everything from laugh out loud moments, to some intense police work action, and lets not forget some romance as well. I find it so refreshing that the main characters are not only very likable and easy to relate to but they also show that life is not over after 60 or even 70. I can't wait to see what trouble Walt and Ox will get into next.


Brian T. Borgford "Brian" reviewed Lady Justice and the Lottery
Cute story August 27, 2013
Cute and entertaining. Being from the same generation as the protagonists, I could relate to the issues at hand. A funny series of events and antics for a crew of older people. Lots of laughs. Reads like a TV sitcom. Easy to read and enjoyable.