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Lady Justice and the Vet






5.0 out of 5 stars Heartfelt and emotional..., October 21, 2013
This review is from: Lady Justice and the Vet (Kindle Edition)

LADY JUSTICE AND THE VET is a thought-provoking tale that will dig deep into the hearts of many people across the globe. Whether we like it or not, we are all somehow affected by war. The battles are inevitable as told in this story which focuses on PTSD. Soldiers are not the only ones who fall victim to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The family and friends of our freedom fighters feel the pain often, too. And, the author gingerly approaches this sensitive topic with ease, yet the readers will find it to be raw and very, very real. Emotions and interests will be piqued, and some may even find themselves shedding a tear or two as we traverse into the minds and memories of the numerous brave veterans spotlighted throughout. This is a phenomenally well-told story of just several of the many men and women who continue to suffer from this often ignored mental ailment. Remember to thank a vet today.



“Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.”

―Peter A. Levine


Each generation of soldiers bring a hidden host of demons back with them from the battlefield. We call them "shell shocked," "anti-social," "scarred." We keep them at arms' length, never wanting to make direct contact but are ever watchful from the corners of our eyes, always vigilant of the crazy that may break loose around us.

A dear friend of mine went from the rice paddies of Viet Nam straight to the psychiatric ward of a V. A. hospital. Thirty years later, he still felt exposed and vulnerable standing in line to order a fast food burger. Crowds sent him into a cold sweat. He always sat with his back against a wall, ever vigilant, ever wary. Sadly, his experience is not the exception.

Robert Thornhill brings us face to face with these demons. We see through his words the true price paid for the freedoms we take for granted. For it is our service members and, perhaps more painfully, their families, who live this hell on earth. It is their call to duty, their sacrifices that have left scars on our public psyche. Scars that will never truly heal. Scars that will cost us dearly both monetarily and psychologically for years to come.

One of the most timely and well written Lady Justice novels to date, "Lady Justice and The Vet" gives you a brief glimpse into PTSD and the realities of war, yet hasn't lost the sense of humor that Walt and his merry band of characters brings into every Lady Justice adventure. References to Old Man Feeney stopping up the toilets are as familiar and (oddly) comforting to Lady Justice fans as are the Kansas City land marks sprinkled throughout the story.

Thank you, Robert, for reminding us that heroes and demons are made in every battle, even after the fighting has ended.


Cynthia Coer Butcher

Blue Springs, Missouri

October 2013



Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite
        Lady Justice and the Vet by Robert Thornhill is a poignant, faithfully accurate story, which could have been taken from today’s headlines. Mr. Thornhill, with each new episode of the Lady Justice series, continues to surpass himself. Within the pages of Lady Justice and the Vet, Robert Thornhill has presented a better, more realistic dissertation on the plight of ALL combat veterans, to whom we as a nation owe our all, than any I have seen anywhere else. Thornhill has brilliantly used a fictional comedic mystery story to force us to remove the blinders and take a peek at reality. Lady Justice and the Vet should be required reading for every politician.
Lady Justice and the Vet takes aim at the atrocious mistreatment of our veterans who require far more and far better access to both physical and psychological restoration. It focuses on the high unemployment rate, the nightmares, the disabilities, and the lack of respect. Mr. Thornhill has an uncanny talent for bringing our attention to a serious problem while also entertaining and amusing us. Robert Thornhill’s house will one day be a National Monument. Okay, maybe that’s a little over the top, but he is a very good storyteller, and a very good writer. I anticipate with great relish each new release in his Lady Justice series. His writing is superlative, and his ability to inform and amuse, almost in the same sentence, makes him a consummate storyteller. However, don‘t take my word for it; buy one of his Lady Justice stories – it doesn’t really matter which one – and see for yourself.


 Christina Jones

Just what is it about the Lady Justice mystery/comedy series that draws the reader back to the next adventure? Is it the fact that the protagonist, a senior citizen, retired real estate agent-turned cop, satisfies the Walter Mitty-like dreams we all share? Is it the cast of stereotypical supporting characters: Maggie, his real estate wife; Ox, his over-weight Kansas City police partner; John, the aging Lothario father he barely knew now living above him in his apartment building with Bernice, his 89 year old girlfriend; Willy, the former pimp who has underworld connections that sometimes appear to save Walt, and who now helps manage his properties; or perhaps, Mary Murphy, the feisty 70 something manager of his hotel/flophouse, who keeps peace with a baseball bat (and in this episode, a pickle fork)? Perhaps it is the timely story lines about issues which are disquieting: assassins; euthanasia; medical malfeasance; drugs; government over-reach; terrorism both at home and abroad; as well as the everyday crime which occurs daily in every town in America. Maybe it's all of them tied into a fast-paced thriller laced with humor that gives us a reason to cheer justice winning over the bad guys.
In LADY JUSTICE AND THE VET, the stage is set just after the bombing of the shopping mall in Kenya. Remember the reference to a participant that might have been from KC? Author Robert Thornhill picks up this thread and runs with it. He ties in four al-Shabab linked terrorists, one a disgruntled former American GI, and a couple of local wounded warriors and weaves a thrilling narrative around them. In between, we are treated to a home invader wielding an AK-47, nursing home fraud where Walt almost becomes compacted in a trash truck, a biker gang terrorizing picnickers at a park, and a romance brewing between Mary and one of the senior millionaires from the last book, LADY JUSTICE AND THE LOTTERY. As usual, there is laugh-aloud humor in some scenes, but watch out for the end. While I can't say I didn't see it coming, it still might be good to have a hanky handy to blot your misty eyes.
Perhaps the strongest message in this book was Thornhill's incorporating into the fabric of the narrative, the social tragedy of the problems faced by our veterans as they return home from war, wounded in body for some, and in their souls for many. At the end, we are left with as many questions as we started with. Thornhill once again gives us some smiles and lots of action, coupled with another thought provoking look at our society today.

Lady Justice and the Vet (Lady Justice, #15) Robert Thornhill

Walt Williams is back and he is on several assignments. He must go under cover and help disband a medicare scheme. Also a terrorist group comes to Kansas City , Walt and Ox are on the job. While taking on these cases he meets a Veteran back from Afghanistan who has PTSD and is fighting off his war demons.

A fantastic story with some heartfelt photos, Mr. Thornhill really captures the spirit and traumas of deployed veterans. Left a lasting impression (on me) which has me feeling more respect, pride and thankfulness towards our military men and women. I highly recommend to all. I love the Lady Justice series and feel, mystery/comedy lovers will enjoy all of Robert Thornhill Books

Oct 30, 2013Gail          rated it          5 of 5 stars
Robert Thornhill has another hit. His books always make you stop and think about life but they are still filled with humor. This time he makes you think about all the veterans who have served our country and what it is like for them when they return to the USA. It is so sad what they have to go thru. They truly are heroes. Walt that guy has more lives than a cat. He has so many close calls and always manages to scrape by. I love Mary and her new love interest. Never a dull moment with Walt and the gang. Thanks Mr. Thornhill for reminding me of what our vets go thru to keep our country safe
Nov 12, 2013Heather          rated it          5 of 5 stars
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I really like the Lady Justice series. Robert Thornhill has a true gift for telling a story.  This series has it all: mystery, suspense, friendship,  tears, loyalty, current events, and lots of laughs. I was reminded yet again how much I like Mary.  A good story as usual!
Nov 15, 2013Conny          rated it          5 of 5 stars
I got this book as a free download and I really enjoyed it.  I have long been a fan of the Lady Justice series and Robert Thornhill did not disappoint with this one.  I was touched by the photographs that were included in the book and it really struck a nerve with me.  This book has the usual humor, friendship and action and it also shed the light on current events and our war Vets and all the struggles they face once they return home.  Having worked in the medical field for a very long time I have met patients with PTSD and saw first hand how crippling it can be.  I can't wait to see what trouble Walt and gang will get into next.
Sharon Michael
Nov 11, 2013Sharon Michael          rated it          4 of 5 stars
I've liked this series. As an older reader, I enjoy the 'senior citizen' characters, all of whom are well developed and interesting.
This particular book resonated with me as I worked a number of years at a VA hospital on the psych ward, with (primarily) Viet Nam veterans dealing with PTSD and the related drug and alcohol issues. The author presents the trauma veterans can face with accuracy and a definite feel of reality.
        5.0 out of 5 stars         Bravo, November 11, 2013      


        This review is from: Lady Justice and the Vet (Kindle Edition)      
Walt and the gang disrupt terrorist attacks while highlighting the plight of our veterans. The book is humorous, easy to read, and still thought provoking . This is the third book by Thornhill that I have read and I love them all.    
        5.0 out of 5 stars         Entertaining and somewhat heart-wrenching, November 11, 2013      

        This review is from: Lady Justice and the Vet (Kindle Edition)      
I've liked this series. As an older reader, I enjoy the 'senior citizen' characters, all of whom are well developed and interesting.
This particular book resonated with me as I worked a number of years at a VA hospital on the psych ward, with (primarily) Viet Nam veterans dealing with PTSD and the related drug and alcohol issues. The author presents the trauma veterans can face with accuracy and a definite feel of reality.