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Lady Justice and the Vigilante September 9, 2013
The "Master of Hysterical Fiction" has done it again! Robert Thornhill's Lady Justice and the Vigilante drew on headlines and the movies. Although this is volume 7 in the series, do not worry if you have not read the rest of the series, as Thornhill has a way to introduce all the characters and their importance to the series and novel. Main character, Walt Williams, along with his partner, Ox, are part of the Kansas City Police Department. When a certain person realizes that the police department is having a hard time getting certain criminals off the street, they turn to an old Charles Bronson movie to learn all they can and how not to get caught.

When a vigilante takes matters into their hands, the citizens of Kansas City are divided when it comes to answer the question, is it murder or is it justice?

As with the other books in the Lady Justice series, do not eat or drink while reading this book because you will spew!


Cathy Doman

Jul 02, 2013Cathy Doman          rated it          5 of 5 stars
Well, another home run by Robert Thornhill!  I enjoy reading the Lady Justice books so very much.  In this installment, there is all the usual hilarity we have come to expect from the author, and again, he tackles a tough issue with sensitivity and wit.  This book will make you laugh, and will also make you think:  where do you stand on the issue, and what is justice?  Great book, I highly recommend it!



Sam                    rated it        5 stars
"A vigilante is stalking the streets of Kansas City administering his own brand of justice when the justice system fails. Criminals are being executed right under the noses of the police department."
This is the 7th book in the Walt Williams Mystery Comedy novels and although I have not read any of the previous novels I still came away feeling like I knew all the characters. Robert Thornhill does a good job putting just enough back story in so that you know who is who and what has happened, but not so much that you get bored. The story itself was one that makes you think. Fed up with criminals walking, Ed Jacobs decides to take justice into his own hands. Walt and Ox get called in to help find the person the newspapers have dubbed The Vigilante. Things really get strange when it turns out that they actually become friends with him but don't know it.
The book is fast paced, funny, sad, everything that you could want in a book. I am now a huge fan and cannot wait to get my hands on the other six. The style of writing is something that I also enjoyed. If you are looking for a book that has a lot of foul language, explicit sex, graphic descriptions of the murders then this book is not for you. If you are looking for a book that honestly makes you smile while reading, feel good when your done and wanting more then this is the book for you. I won this from Goodreads and I highly recommend it.
Lady Justice And The Vigilante October 5, 2013
A vigilante is stalking the streets of Kansas city. When the C.R.A.P gets a new recruit to help Walt and Ox bring an end to the vigilantes reign. But not everyone wants it to end. The vigilante's actions have inspired the citizens to take up arms and defend themselves. Public opinion is split,is it murder or justice as the body count mounts. Its a moral dilemma. I laughed i cried. I can always count on the Lady Justice books to bring a smile to my face and give me a much needed laugh. Robert Thorn Hill makes you realize your only as old as you feel.

Christina Jones


Christina Jones                    rated it        5 stars
Lady Justice and The Vigilante gets a double thumbs up!  First, it's well written with a tight plot, complete with several sub-plots, that keeps you wondering how Thornhill is going to bring the tale to a satisfactory conclusion.  Second, it provides an opportunity to ponder the ethics of vigilantism in our seemingly crime ridden world.  Where is the line that separates protection of the victim and protection of the individual's rights when accused of a crime?  Robert Thornhill's latest Walt Williams mystery comedy novel finds Walt and his police force buddies on the losing ends of trials due to Constitutional issues that force the release of some really bad dudes.  These are the cases one reads about in the paper: criminals whose names are seen as repeat offenders, let go once more because the letter of the law wasn't followed in the apprehension and arrest.  Then, one reads that the bad guys have done it again, and again, and again.  These are the cases where average citizens often blame the public defender for representing the scumbags.  Occasionally, these are the cases where someone decides to step in and bring about a different conclusion--the vigilante. Walt is like the rest of us, frustrated because criminals often seem to get off on technicalities, but he is forced to look at the rights of the defendant differently when Mary, the manager of his Three Trails Hotel (read flop house), has shot and killed an armed robber.  Simple self-defense?  No, the robber was leaving and had turned around to threaten Mary from a couple dozen feet away when she shot him in the chest.  Was that truly "imminent danger?"  The same ruthless defense attorney for the bad guys, now becomes Mary's only chance of not spending the rest of her life in jail.  In crimes and trials, there are many shades of gray. A wonderful twist is added to the story by Thornhill:  Walt meets the vigilante (not that he knows that's who he is) and recruits him for C.R.A.P.  Now the police department includes a quasi-bad person, whose intention is to use the information to which he now has access, to bring him closer to the ones he wants to assassinate.  How will this issue be resolved?  The conclusion is sad, but satisfying; Walt's faith in Lady Justice is still secure.  Bring on the next adventure!


Sheri                    rated it 5 stars                                    
Lady justice and the Vigilante (A Walt Williams Mystery) by Robert Thornhill Mystery/Comedy
Walt Williams and his gang are back. It seems a citizen is taking the law into his own hands, as criminals are suddenly found murdered. The public seems to be split on cheering on this vigilante or wanting justice for him. Adding to to this, one of Walts friends finds them self in trouble trying to defend both home and self.  Soon Walt is on the search for the Vigilante, while trying to help his friend out of a legal bind. Will Walt and the Gang get to solve this crime , or will the vigilante just fade away as fast as he appeared?
Robert Thornhill knows how to spin a suspenseful thought provoking tale, with lovable characters, a bit of comedy and a lot of controversy and leaves you wondering what truly is right and what is wrong. Everyone has an opinion and Mr. Thornhill really makes the reader think what would you do if you were in that situation. Fantastic read.
Gail Demaree
Gail Demaree        rated it        5 stars
Just got my copy in the mail yesterday. As soon as I finished the last book in Sharon Sala's The Storm Front series I will be reading this next to see what Walt Whitman is up to now.
This was was amazing and just as good as the other Lady Justice books. If you haven't read any of the Lady Justice series you should. This was the 7th book in the series. It is a fast paced mystery/comedy with lots of twists and turns. Walt and his group are amazing and funny. Can't wait for #8 to come out. I had to keep my husband away from the book so I could finish it. He kept wanting to steal it so he could read it.
Conny Toste
I just finished reading this book and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Not only is it well written and has a good pace, it also kept you guessing until the end.  I found it refreshing that the characters of the series are past middle age.  The author showed that just because somebody is older they still are able to kick butt.

Genevieve Burningham "Spring Lake Farm Girl" reviewed Lady Justice And The Vigilante
Amazingly Funny September 12, 2013
Read the first book in one sitting! Robert Thornhill has truly found his calling, he is a great writer! Met him in the Kansas City airport and got him to sign Lady Justice takes a C.R.A.P., sweet guy!
Barbara        rated it        5 stars
Mr. Thornhill's latest installment and he just keeps getting better - loved this book.

Lady Justice and the Vigilante


another comedy/ mystery thriller written by award winning Robert Thornhill for our reading enjoyment.  This time he takes a story from the “headlines” (really, the movies in this novel) and adapts it to his unique style.
Walt Williams and the rest of the crew take on a vigilante who is stalking Kansas City and using his own brand of justice to rid the town of those he considers lawbreakers.  The vigilante takes his cue from the Charles Bronson movies about a vigilante who believes he is cleaning up the streets of his town.  Mr. Thornhill’s vigilante does the same.  The people of Kansas City are divided as to the morality of the issue.  And again, he leaves the right or wrong of it up to you, the reader.



“Detractors screamed ‘MURDER’ and said that the vigilante was even worse than the offenders he was killing.”

Walt and his band of crime-fighting crew work together with their usual hilarious unorthodox ways of solving crimes, but this time, they work closer with the ‘perp’ than usual.  The vigilante joins the City Retiree Action Patrol, becoming a trusted member of the team.  Join Walt and his band as they seek to solve this case and bring the vigilante to justice. The end will surprise you.
Robert Thornhill began writing at the age of 66.  He has written seven novels in the Lady Justice series, seven Rainbow Road series for children, a cookbook and a mini-biography.  He lives with his wife, Peg in Independence, MO.  His website is

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In Lady Justice and the Vigilante, Robert Thornhill has once again written another page turning installment in the Lady Justice series.

 In Lady Justice and The Vigilante, the city of Kansas City is once again at the mercy of some unsavory characters that cause one man to take matters into his own hands as the criminals keep getting away with their crimes.

He becomes known as the vigilante and helps dispose of these criminals in his own manner.


While the reader comes to understand what has driven this man to this point, we are also faced with the dilemma of while he is ridding the town of criminals who have caused pain to many people, is he doing the right thing?


According to the law he isn't, but in his heart, he believes that what he's doing is right.


Lady Justice and The Vigilante is another well-written novel by Mr. Thornhill.

If you have read any of the previous novels you will not be disappointed with this latest installment. Even if you haven’t had the chance to read any of the other Lady Justice novels you will still find this novel hard to put down.


I recommend this novel to any reader who enjoys crime stories and mysteries.


Robert Thornhill is a writer of tremendous talent and I am already waiting for the next Lady Justice novel.

Michelle Castillo, Article Write Up