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Lady Justice and the Candidate 




Sheri        rated it        5 stars
Lady Justice and the Candidate‏ (Lady Justice #9 ) Robert Thornhill
In the 9th installment of the lady Justice series we Find another controversial subject, Politics.
Walt Williams is called on a top secret special mission , to protect an independent candidate for presidency, Ben Foster. Ben is not the average politician, he was once the Mayor of a Small city in Montana. What he stands for is not the typical political views, he stands for the people.
Assassination attempts have been made on his life and Walt is asked to protect him. As Walt embarks on one of his most dangerous and rewarding missions we find such true to life topics come up. All the lovable characters are back and Walt finds his decisions can deeply affect his friends and family.
A fantastic read and the timing could not be more perfect with the upcoming presidential election.
Mr. Thornhills' sense of humor and serious issues blend so well, I was left to wonder, what if...just what if a candidate Like the fictional Ben Foster were to run for President?
A must read. Once again Robert Thornhill has created another Hit! I look forward to the next Lady Justice Book.

Christina Jones

Christina Jones        rated it        5 stars
And the next President of the United States is....Benjamin Franklin Foster???  Wait! Who's he? In Robert Thornhill's latest Walt Williams mystery / comedy novel, he proposes a third possible candidate in an upcoming presidential election.  One who espouses all those great ideas one runs across on the Internet:  community jobs for those on welfare or in prison; deregulation of all laws that deal with moral issues (alcohol, drugs, fat foods--imbibe at your own peril, but not outlawed); high tariffs on goods imported that are really junk so they would have to compete with American-made products that would cost more as they would be made by American labor; and much, much more.  But hold on!  Someone doesn't like what Foster is proposing!  Surprise! He's made Big Oil, Wall Street, DC government, the FDA, lawyers, doctors, insurance companies...just about anyone on the Right and the Left...angry with him.  He wants to throw out the corrupters and cut out waste.  He wants to reform our country back to the ideals in a Lee Greenwood song so we can all be "Proud to Be An American" again.  Someone wants him dead before election night. This is a well thought-out, timely story that hits at all the questions and unsettled feelings of many in our country today.  With only a few more months until the real election, many wish a Ben Foster would come riding into town to save our country.  As always, Thornhill gives the reader plenty of humor to keep the story from bogging down into a dry editorial.  And, as always, Walt's desire for justice to triumph at the end of the day, gives the reader a sense of hope for the future.  Agree with him or not, it's what most of middle America is discussing via emails, YouTube, and Face Book.  What would your decision be?


Gail Demaree

Gail Demaree        rated it        5 stars
Book number 9 in The Lady Justice series. Walt Whitman goes on another adventure with lots of twists and turns. Another fast paced read. This time Walt gets involved with a presidential candidate that comes along after the presidential candidates have been set. Ben is all about change and reform.He is my kind of candidate. He wants America to be like it used to be with jobs in America not in foreign countries, finding ways to use American oil instead of foreign oil and lowering the gas prices. Ben's ideas are what I have been thinking and saying for awhile now. He would be the perfect president but someone doesn't like his ideas and is out to get him and in comes Walt Williams. The only thing I missed in this book was Walt's posse wasn't involved as much in this book. It still was an amazing read and I look forward to the next book in the series. I hope there will be another book. Now I let my husband read it since he found out I had the latest book....Thanks again Mr. Thornhill for such a great book that gives you a lot to think about....We need a candidate like Ben to run for President!


Bringing us into the future ~

We want a “Champion for Change” and Benjamin Franklin Foster is the future that everyone dreams about, putting the right foot forward in today’s political world.

Did you wonder if there would ever be a perfect candidate to run our great nation?  It always appears we have settle for the ‘lesser of two evils’ when we cast our votes.

Robert Thornhill, the author of the Lady Justice series, delivers the goods in his next book titled “Lady Justice and the Candidate” which is a must read!

If you enjoy the political arena and want to see a new candidate that is willing to take on big business, the FDA, even the oil industry plus the IRS, then you will not be disappointed in this book.  It grabs you from the start and keeps you turning the pages.

Ben Foster is a person you want in the President’s seat – no, Ben is a person we need in the President’s seat, running our great nation, with us, the people, in mind as it use to be years ago. 

The characters are defined throughout the story and the author does a great job defining their roles.  You feel like you are standing right beside Walt all the way.

Robert Thornhill provides all the elements to enjoy when you pick up one of his books in the Lady Justice Mystery/Comedy series.  You get to enjoy the mystery, excitement, and suspense as he draws you into the plot.

In this one, you’ll fight for the underdog and be amazed at the lengths taken to try and stop him.  After all it’s only money, power and greed at its finest hour.

I found myself wanting something sweet too, whenever the candidate ordered his desserts.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and know you will too.

Mary Stanhope, Article Write-Up



Robert Thornhill has written another winner in Lady Justice and the Candidate. His inimitable style of writing comedy within a mystery will capture his reader's imagination yet again. You will laugh in many places and have chills in others.

Walt Williams, a senior police officer with the Kansas City Police Department, is asked to help protect an independent Presidential candidate because of a very interesting fact. He was the spitting image of the candidate.

""We have enough creditable intel to know that the man's life is in danger and it's our job to protect him. We need you to help. There it was --- I was being offered the job of sacrificial lamb."

We join Walt and Ben Foster, the candidate, on the campaign trail with some trepidation.

Walt has been sworn to absolute secrecy, so not one of his usual cohorts, with the exception of his wife, Maggie, knows what he is doing. There is an attempted assignation or two that he has to circumvent, answer questions about the candidates' stand on issues without knowing all of the background and generally stand in for him several times.

How will Walt get out of this escapade that he is involved in? Will he have the help of the Secret Service? The Kansas City PD? The local citizens? His rag tag bunch of cohorts? Or will he have to rely on himself? You must read Mr. Thornhill's book to find out the answer.

Robert Thornhill began writing at the age of 66. He has written nine novels in the Lady Justice series, seven Rainbow Road series for children, a cookbook and a mini-biography. He lives with his wife, Peg in Independence, MO. His website is

Katherine Boyer
Reviewer, Midwest Review