Robert Thornhill
Lost Tapes Photos

In Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes

Walt must go undercover.

Walt's escapades may seem a little off the wall to the average reader, but be assured that author Robert Thornhill is writing from personal experience as the photos below will show!



Robert has done Elvis impersonations for years for friends and family.

He can't carry a tune in a bushel basket, so he lip syncs.







In The Lost Tapes, the Krazy Kats give Walt a helping hand.

They are a REAL 50's band who have been playing old time rock'n'roll for over 50 years.

In this photo, Robert is doing his thing with the Kats.



During the five years that Robert & Peg lived on Maui, Bob would occasionally perform at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel.









In The Lost Tapes, Walt and OX go undercover as Santa and his trusty elf to foil thieves stealing from local charaties.

As you can see, author Robert Thornhill is no stranger to elfdom.


Pointy shoes and all!









Don't ask!







You've Got To Be Kidding!

Poor Walt! He's been drafted by Captain Short to go undercover at the Foxy Lady --- a tranny bar!

Bob's wife, Peg, couldn't talk Robert out of doing his Tina Turner impression at a friend's 50th birthday party.








When Robert was the Broker of a real estate office, one of his agents was moving out of town.

She held an all-girls going away party.

Bob didn't want to miss it, so --

you do what you gotta do!




In Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes, we are introduced to a new character, Pastor Bob.

Author Robert Thornhill has some insights into Pastor Bob's personality from his own years as an ordained minister.


The author performing a marriage ceremony.