Robert Thornhill
Angels Photos

The  setting for

 Lady Justice And The Avenging Angels

is in St. Clair County, Missouri, near the little towns of Osceola, Roscoe and Monegaw Springs.

Robert and his wife, Peg, lived in a log home on 70 acres in St. Clair County for three years.










Younger Lookout


The Younger Lookout

rising high above the

Osage River.





Like his grandfather before him, Robert loves to take his own grandson to the beautiful bluff.







Danger lurks around every bend of the old river and in the hills surrounding the bluff, ghosts of outlaws and indians from the distant past torment the unsuspecting traveler.





 In Lady Justice And The Avenging Angels

Walt & Willie hike the dark woodland forest in search of buried treasure and the hide-out of the Avenging Angels.