Robert Thornhill
Lady Justice and the Mystery Mansion


Lady Justice and the Mystery Mansion

Walt and Maggie purchase a run-down mansion with plans to restore it to its

former grandeur, not knowing that every

previous owner had suffered a terrible tragedy due to a centuries-old curse.

    During the restoration, the mysterious mansion reveals dark secrets that have

been hidden away for decades.

    As restless spirits and hidden corpses are found, Walt and Maggie fear they may become

the next victims of the evil curse.

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1825, Indian Territory in Missouri at the site that would one day be the

City of Kansas City, Gladstone Boulevard.


    For centuries, the Osage tribesmen dwelt in their village high on the beautiful bluff overlooking the Missouri River.

    The Osage were called Ni-u-kon-ska, the People of the Middle Waters.

    The 19th century painter, George Catlin, described the Osage as "the tallest race of men in North America, either red or white skins; there being many of them six and a half, and others seven feet.”

    At the height of their power in the early 19th century, the Osage had become the dominant power in the region, feared by neighboring tribes. The missionary, Isaac McCoy, described the Osage as an “uncommonly fierce, courageous, warlike nation.”

    But their days on the beautiful bluff overlooking the river were numbered.

    The westward expansion of the white man was a force that even the mighty Osage could not overcome.

    In 1825, the Federal Government forced the Osage to give up their land along the Missouri River and relocate to a reservation in the Oklahoma Territory.

    Under the watchful eye of the Federal General, Chief Wa-po'-ga dismantled his village and the members of his tribe began the long trek to their new home.

    Banished from the land of their ancestors, they departed with heavy hearts.

    There is a legend that as the Osage were leaving the beautiful bluff, the tribe's

medicine man, Ka'-wa-sab-be, looked back on their home one last time and placed a curse upon it.