Robert Thornhill
Lady Justice and the Quirky Arlo Quimby


Lady Justice and the Quirky Arlo Quimby

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    When terrorists plot to blow up five of the country’s ammunition plants, Lady Justice calls on Quirky Arlo Quimby as her newest recruit.

    But Arlo himself becomes a target due to his association with a controversial and unorthodox group.

    Once again, Walt finds himself knee-deep in conspiracies and assassins.

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    Arlo Quimby approached the booth with the young couple. They sat staring dreamily into each other’s eyes. The young man had proposed and she had accepted. It was a grand night for them, and if Arlo played his cards right, they’d leave a generous tip.

    Arlo had been a server in the Providence Dining Room in the Hotel Phillips for three years. The tips were good and he’d made friends with the chef who let him dine from the restaurant’s pricy menu for free.

    “More champagne?” Arlo asked, bowing ever so slightly.

    “Yes, please,” the man answered, “and thank you for being so attentive. You’ve made our evening very special.”

    Arlo beamed as he poured. It should be a generous tip indeed.

    As he was pouring, he overheard bits of the conversation from the next booth. In contrast to the young couple, the two men a few feet away had made it quite obvious that they wanted their privacy. After ordering and receiving their food, they waved him away each time he approached.

    The first words he overheard were, “Lake City Arsenal.” That got his attention and he leaned closer.

    Then, he heard the words, “C-4 & attack.”

    He knew the arsenal in Eastern Jackson County was one of the government’s largest small arms manufacturing facilities. As soon as he put the three words together, he realized they could only mean one thing --- the men he had been serving were plotting to blow up the arsenal.

    He tried to slip away, but one of the men called out. “Waiter!”

    He froze for a moment, fearing they had seen him eavesdropping. Then he turned. “Yes, how may I serve you?”

    “Check please.”

    Arlo breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes, sir. Right away.”

    When he returned with the check, the man charged the meals to his room. Arlo made a mental note of the room number --- 613.

    Arlo was a nervous wreck for the remainder of his shift. The more he thought about what he had heard, the more he realized there was only one thing to do. The next morning, he would go to the police precinct and tell Detective Derek Blaylock about the nefarious plot to destroy the arsenal.