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Guy Humor at it's best!, January 22, 2011
This review is from: Lady Justice Takes A C.R.A.P.: City Retiree Action Patrol (Paperback)
I'll not go over the plot line as that's been done, but this book was full of chuckles...and the tone was definitely on the "guy humor" side without being gross. It's hard to find books that my husband and I both enjoy...maybe Janet Evanovich's character Stephanie Plum comes close, but it's safe to say that when it comes to humor, there can be a definite division between men and women. Additionally, Thornhill's hero, Walt, is of that difficult age, not a teenager, he's a new retiree aged 66. Only those recently "put out to pasture" understand the angst of going from a fast paced career to a dead stop. Men, especially, often devote their lives to their career, leaving little time for relaxation and hobbies and then are hit square in the solar plexus when it all comes to a screeching halt. What to do with your time becomes an obsession. Walt decides to act on his dreams and not just be a Walter Mitty, but a hero like those with whom he grew up in the 1940s & 50s. And along the way, he collects an assemblage of other oldie-but-goodies who lend their unique expertises to helping him in his quest for Truth, Justice and The American Way. Corny jokes, word plays, even predictable outcomes all seem to fit into a delightful narrative, rather than being a trite rehash. This is a quick read...great for a that time you have a couple of spare hours because you won't want to put it down once you start, though it is episodic enough that you could if you had to do it.
If you are from the Kansas City location of the book, you'll recognize familiar streets and buildings, but this shouldn't stop the reader. This book could be set in Detroit, Boston, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, or even LA. Being fiction, every crime is eventually solved -- often with a humorous twist that shows Lady Justice has a sense of humor. This is what we call a "good read". While guys may especially appreciate some of the body humor, and seniors the age of the ensemble, everyone will love the fun, quick pace of a well-told story where the good guys do win more times than not.

"A well-written account of a true crime fighter of the old school.  I just hope I have half the energy and vitality of Walt Williams when I reach his age....Oh, I forgot, I AM HIS AGE!  Keep up the good work Bob and Walt!"

Lee Dresser, The Krazy Kats, Author of "Was There A Band Here Tonight?"

Nov 10, 2009
Donetta Garman rated it: 4 of 5 stars

Read in September, 2009

As I sat to read Lady Justice written by a colleague and friend, I thought, "What has Bob gone and done now?" Soon, I was engrossed in the story of an over-the-hill, retired real estate agent turned officer of the law; not only an officer, but the head of City Retiree Action Patrol.
The first chapter draws in the reader, "It wasn't until I entered high school that I discovered that justice could be quite elusive. Most grade school kids are about the same size and strength but as we reach puberty, nature has a way of segregating us into certain pigeonholes whether we like it or not.

"Some guys bulk up and become football stars...Some of us get eyeglasses and become geeks."

Justice is important to Walter Williams and throughout the book the reader is challenged with the question, "Where is the justice in that?"
The book's hero meets the bad guys head-on, with help from his fellow senior friends and acquaintances. He not only meets the evil doers face-to-face, but he tackles aging with the same straight forward attitude.

Enter his sidekick, former con man Willie. Then there is Mary, elderly apartment manager who carries a big stick...or in this case bat! No story is complete without a love interest. Maggie McBride, Walt's romantic interest adds character and depth to the storyline in the book.

This lighthearted read is entertaining and while written with the senior set in mind, most ages will enjoy this amusing tale. I'm sure readers will be ready for the next Walter Williams adventure!

Reviewed by: Donetta Garman author of Growing Up Ugly and The Length of a Dream.



Lady Justice Takes a C R A P: City Retiree Action Patrol, A Walt Williams Novel opens in the first person, not always an easy method for writing or reading.  In this case, it has proven to be excellent.


Walt Williams ruminates a bit about his life, his thoughts on justice and his retirement.  Living in Kansas City, Missouri, Walt faced retirement a bit askew of the norm.  He was not content to sit and rock, watch grass grow or otherwise meditate.   Walt's goal was to give Lady Justice a hand.


Thus a new career is born, a book is launched and a whole array of characters come to life under the pen of this skilled writer.  We meet Walt and his cohorts.  There is his new partner in the Police Department where Walt calls upon old friendship with Captain Dwayne Short to help him launch a career as — a cop.


Initially Walt is a more or less glorified, albeit, gun toting reserve officer partnered with Ox, George Wilson, a long time patrol officer weighing in at some 220 pounds.


Back on the home front are Maggie, Walt's longtime love, Willie who shares the apartment building owned by Walt.  The oldtime huckster is now Walt's handyman who keeps both the apartment building, and the remodeled hotel also owned by Walt, in working order.  Apartment manage over in the hold hotel is Mary, 75 years old and never far from her trusty bat, just in case.  Rounding out the circle of compadres is octogenarian Professor Leopold Skinner master of the one liner.


Before long Walt and Ox become a bonafide Dynamic Duo relying heavily on experience Ox has gained during his tenure in police work coupled to the experience Walt has accrued by simply living to his mid sixties.  Between the pair one knotty police problem after another evaporate to the delight of many and the chagrin of one grumpy officer who just doesn't thing there is room for old guys on the force.


I do  not keep all the books I receive for review, this is one I will not soon give away.  I thoroughly enjoyed writer Thornhill's humor, expertise with words and wit.


Settings are believable, characters are people with whom we can identify, we have all known a skinny high school geek or two, and a con man now and then.  We have met and been charmed by gals such as realtor Maggie McBride, and have hoped to know a Police Office like Ox when we need help.  Mary, while she outweighs both of my own not your average old lady aunties is representative of that generation of women who met the world and dared it to blink.   In her 90s my auntie Poll donned her levis to go up on the roof of the church and get repair work done because the 60 year old preacher was —too old to do that kind of work.  I like Mary, all 220 pounds and flowery muumuus of her.


Thornhill adds enough police procedure to keep the story moving, enough romance to keep interest high, enough action to keep readers turning the page and enough out of the ordinary to create a book that is highly readable and is not the least bit ordinary.


I'm looking forward to the next in the series.


I am happy to recommend Lady Justice Takes a C R A P: City Retiree Action Patrol, A Walt Williams Novel.



Reviewed by Molly's Reviews

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